In every episode of Funeral Home Success Show, our founder Welton Hong, takes a few moments to deconstruct latest topics in online marketing. He translates these topics into layperson terms, showing you how you can leverage them to make your phone ring.

October 15, 2021

How to Display Images on Your Google Ads

You may have noticed images appearing on some Google ads. Right now, these images are showing on mobile searches and not desktop. We do know that images improve clickthrough rate, […]
October 8, 2021

Don’t Discount Facebook’s Ability to Build Top-of-Mind Awareness

While Facebook ads can generate leads who are ready to buy today, the numbers tell us that’s usually a small percentage. For the rest, it’s important to remember that it’s […]
October 7, 2021

Should You Run TV Ads Today?

A client reached out to Welton recently—while planning for 2022—to ask whether they should continue running TV ads. TV ads, of course, are quite expensive, so is it even worth […]
October 5, 2021

How You Should Plan for 2022

Even though it’s only October, we’ve already started the planning process with many of our larger clients for the coming year. Now really is the best time to start making […]
September 28, 2021

Google = At-Need Calls

As Welton Hong visits funeral service events this fall, he’s taking every opportunity to clarify how Google and Facebook align with deathcare marketing. It’s super-simple, folks: You use Google to directly generate […]
September 27, 2021

Avoid This One Big Mistake When Responding to Positive Reviews

When Welton Hong says he’ll go anywhere to educate deathcare firms on how to thrive, he means it! In fact, he just flew straight from Texas to the New York State Association of Cemeteries’ Fall Conference. […]
September 23, 2021

Why You Need to Google Your Business

Welton Hong had a great time at the Catholic Cemetery Conference convention in Miami. This event has generated a lot of conversations about how to best stand out against your […]
September 22, 2021

Focus on This Group to Sell More Preneeds

Do you know the secret of firms that sell the most preneeds? It’s actually pretty simple: They concentrate their efforts on the portion of leads that most firms ignore, which […]
September 17, 2021

An Easy Way to Get Online Reviews for Google

What if there was a way to send a direct link to families so they could easily post an online review on Google about your firm? Good news! Google provides […]
September 15, 2021

Why a Fast Follow-Up is Critical for Preneeds and How to Incorporate Texting

Welton Hong is in Phoenix today for ICCFA’s Fall Management & Leadership Conference, where his hotel room presented two surprises—a lovely gift and card from ICCFA Executive Director Nadira Baddeliyanage, […]
September 10, 2021

Should You Advertise on Yelp?

Should your funeral home advertise on Yelp? The question came up while Welton Hong was speaking at a Kates-Boylston event in Providence, and for over 99 percent of firms, it […]
September 9, 2021

Why You Must Ensure Your Business Listing is Complete on Apple

Welton Hong comes to you today from somewhere he’s never been before: Providence, Rhode Island, where he’s speaking at Kates-Boylston’s Technology Think Tank event. And being in a new place, […]

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