Online Reviews: How to Get Good Ones and Fix the Bad Ones

Online Reviews: How to Get Good Ones and Fix the Bad Ones

As long as you’re providing excellent service—and we’re sure you are—your funeral home should have lots of positive reviews on Google and other platforms.

Today, a business’s online reputation means more than ever before to consumers. While we all deal with the COVID-19 crisis, we spend much more time at home—and much more time online.

That’s why online reputation matters so much. For many families, it’s the first and clearest representation of your firm’s credibility.

And it’s really as simple as this: With revenue per call declining for almost all funeral service providers, you need to take advantage of every edge you can get.

The firms that get the best calls are the ones with the best reputations. If you want better calls, make sure you’re generating lots of positive reviews. This is your best defense against price shoppers and other low-revenue calls.

It’s honestly not too hard to generate lots of positive reviews, but there are some key tactics involved with doing it effectively.

And it’s just as important to know how to deal with negative reviews. Handled properly, these criticisms can often be mitigated or even removed—you just need to know how to do it!

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