1Internet Marketing Plan Customized For You

Many marketing firms make it easy for themselves (but not their clients) by employing a universal campaign approach and forcing every client to fit within it. That lazy tactic never yields optimal results. At Ring Ring Marketing, we design a customized campaign that specifically addresses the needs of each individual client.

2Campaign Monitoring For Optimal ROI

You’ll always know exactly how we’re employing your marketing campaign and how effective it is. We provide you all the data every week, clearly communicating the return on investment you’re getting from your marketing investment.

3Website Design That Wins Over Visitors

Your funeral home website must not only appeal to visitors but also efficiently convert them into clientele. We assist with both the creation of websites from scratch and redesign of sites to clearly communicate your story and services in a thoughtful, reverent way.

4Website Optimization That Supercharges Conversions

There’s no point to having a massive flow of website traffic if your site isn’t converting visitors. Following a comprehensive evaluation of your site, we optimize it to supercharge conversions and ensure top margins for both at-need and pre-need services.

5Rapidly Increase At-Need Calls With PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the fastest, most cost-effective way to increase revenue, particularly for at-need cases. We use our extensive experience with PPC to rapidly drive traffic to your phone while ensuring excellent ROI.

6Dominate Your Market With Local Search Optimization

Our local search optimization methods get your site premium placement on search engine results for death care service providers in your geographic area. This provides a massive advantage over competitors in attracting at-need and pre-need calls.

7Effective “White-Hat” SEO To Drive Qualified Leads

Even in the age of paid ads on search engine results pages, many searchers still prefer to click on unpaid “organic” search results. We deliver exceptional search engine optimization that demonstrates credibility, elevates search rankings and delivers qualified traffic for burial, cremation, and related services.

8Mobile Search Optimization That Drives At-Need Traffic

Mobile search optimization puts your business front and center at a family’s critical time of need: immediately following the death of a loved one. Family members commonly search for burial and cremation providers on their phones (particularly from a hospital) in at-need situations, so you need premium placement in mobile search.

9Business Profile Video For Credibility And Conversions

A professionally shot business profile video puts visitors at ease, letting them see your staff and facilities with their own eyes. Funeral home websites with such videos also have substantially higher conversion rates, turning “window shoppers” into qualified leads calling your phone for pre-need and at-need cases.

10Keyword Research To Surgically Target The Best Leads

Our keyword research team will work with you to determine exactly which keywords work best for delivering leads to your burial and cremation services. By knowing exactly which terms people use to search for your specific offerings, we can create the perfect content to deliver them to your phone line.

11Save Time And Money With Our Local Competition Analysis

We will perform detailed competitive analysis of your competition’s websites, including traffic, keywords, links, visitors and social media. Understanding your competitors’ successes can save you the costly trial and error of testing strategies that do not work.

12Reputation Management

People no longer ask you for character references; they go to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Angie’s List and similar sites. What these review sites shows people — accurately or otherwise — is your reputation. Don’t let inaccurate information, unfair attacks or smear jobs damage your business or career.

13Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are excellent lead generation tools for inbound marketing — when used correctly. When used in an unfocused way, without a specific action plan, SMM can cause more harm than good. When correctly incorporated into a focused campaign, SMM is a highly effective way to deliver big-time results at virtually no cost to you.

14Customer Retention Tactics

If your business relies heavily on repeat customers, we will carve out a plan for you to retain these clients. We do this by leveraging social media, email list marketing, direct mail and other effective techniques.


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